Hiding in Plain Sight


This sculpture is displayed in Meijer Gardens. Whether I am enjoying the gardens alone, with a friend or facilitating a contemplative retreat, this sculpture and I often spend time together. It reminds me to gently notice if I am trying to be invisible by projecting a false self.

Within each of us is a desire to connect with others in and through the creation we share. All too often, internalized critical beliefs try to pull us away from the enriching experience of knowing others and being known. Some of these coercive messages are fueled by rejection, betrayal, pride and insecurities. The common denominator is usually the destruction caused by judgment though comparison.

Think about that for a moment. If life was free from comparison, how could we ever feel, “not good enough”?  Rejection would turn into a matter of opinion, not lack of value. Betrayal would reflect the choices of the one who betrays, not the worth of the betrayed. Pride would be an indicator of living out of a false self, since absence of comparison could assume equal value. Insecurity would not be fed by measuring up to a predetermined standard. We would be free to enjoy the uniqueness embedded in each of us.

Where might you be allowing comparison to steal life from you? Where could you be hiding your real self? Are you withholding from yourself the joy of living out of your uniqueness because of potential judgment from another?

If you are hiding, allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to feel and believe you do not have to hide. Meditate on being completely free from internal shame and guilt. Who wouldn’t want that kind of peace, joy and contentment?

It is naive to think we will not be judged by others. However, it is empowering to know we can stop ourselves from competing with anyone through comparison. In so doing, we have energy to find our own uniqueness, embrace it and live unencumbered daily.

May you consider the dynamic treasure deposited in you from your Creator. May you fully embrace the wonder of living as an incomparable masterpiece. It is from your true identity, compared to none, you will be equipped to embrace every piece of reality you encounter. When we choose to live in reality, hiding is unnecessary.

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Let’s make this a great year!




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