There Is A First Time For Everything

Living life to the fullest often requires us to try new things. If we stay with what we know, what are we missing? Continuing to challenge myself to try new things has been quite an adventure.

One of the barriers of trying new things is an aversion to change. We establish default patterns in our lives, sometimes started decades ago. Our lives become comfortable with familiar choices and thoughts. But, if we do not try new things, how will we grow? How will we know if our choices are true to who we are or just automatic responses learned to survive everyday mundane existence?

Hear me friends, not everyone has to be as adventuresome as I am. Being one of the people who live outside the box is nothing new to me. I traveled to Africa to visit my sister and her husband by myself when I was 15. That is when my passion for travel ignited. A few years later, I boarded an airplane, by myself, bound for Paris, France for a year. I had no job, couldn’t speak the language and was equally scared as I was electrified by the adventure awaiting me.

Those types of opportunities provide endless possibilities to try new things, meet different types of people, experience different cultures and grow personally in profound ways. Living outside the box often allows us to find ourselves.

Now, obviously, I haven’t always continued incorporating new things into my life after trying something for the first time. Anticipating my sister and her family visiting this summer, I looked for fun things to do with the youngest members of our clan. Then it happened. I learned of BeanBoozled.

JellyBelly’s has been around for years. I keep at stash of them at my office for my clients. Their dazzling realistic flavors make them a fun snack. BeanBoozled is made by the JellyBelly people, this will be fun I thought.

The premise of the BeanBoozled game is based on pairs of seemingly identical beans looking the same on the outside, but with two different flavors, very different. One is delightfully tasty and the other is, as times, horribly nauseating. You won’t know what you get until you bite into it. Each person takes a turn being directed to select one particular type bean. They then bite into it in front of everyone else and they must finish eating it. This game is not for wimps. It became clear very quickly which flavor the sneaky candy was by the look on my loved ones faces, and mine. There is a first time for everything. Sometimes it is the last time as well. BeanBoozled and I will not enjoy each others company ever again. I can still taste dog food, rotten eggs and spoiled milk when I think about it. It is a reminder, counterfeits in life are real. That’s for another blog post. 🙂

It will not stop me from trying new “firsts”. If I want to continue to learn about and grow into the person I am when nobody is looking, I have to take chances. I must not be afraid of change. The more I learn about me from the past and present, the more I can grow into the me of the future. When I am comfortable in my own skin, the desire to make a difference in others lives flow more freely out of me. Embracing my true self always propels me into learning to love others and there I find pure joy. It is worth the risk to love purely even though we may be hurt. Choosing not to love is what destroys me. We were created to love and be loved.

May you embrace the “firsts” necessary for you to soar into the life the Creator intended. May your Divine DNA position you to embrace each day with a sense of wonder and joy. May you encounter Love.

It’s a great day!



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