The Best Year of My Life

Today while enjoying time with my brother and sister-in-law, I enthusiastically announced “The Year of Resurrecting Larko”. I am going to do every thing in my power to make this the best year of my life.

Just like I did last year….and the year before.

Several years ago, I learned something life changing for me. Each day holds the elements capable of making it the best day of my life. Whether or not I experience it that way is up to me. I can chose to live out of regret or gratitude. No one can take the choice away from me, except me.

Often times we live in the hidden destructive world of fantasy where “what could have beens”, “what used to bes”and “if only’s” distract us from the blessings only available in reality. When we let go of the need for things to be different in order for us to find joy, we will experience joy finding us.

Last year was the best year of my life. I chose to live it that way. Living out of what remains, not what had been lost, made it happen.

So this year, the best year of my life once again, is going to be called, “The Year of Resurrecting Larko”.  I am going to find the me only possible because of what has actually happened in my life story. No room for regrets. In and through the journey of my life I have experienced great losses. I have also been blessed with tremendous gains. Both have shaped me into who I am today.

So, I am making a list and starting to plan how to embrace every ounce of life this year in my ever emerging new normal. I want to road trip with my collie, enjoy more time with my family, enjoy the lake more frequently, write a book or two, blog, find more time to spend with friends, explore new destinations and finally get in shape.

If you wanted this to be the best year of your life, what would your list look like? Don’t know where to start? Try to start just with today. Make today the best day of your life.

Finding joy in life living every day pressed into the only place life and love is found, reality.

It’s a great day!




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