To Thine Own Self Be True



Sometimes this girl needs flowers in her home to fill her soul. Today is one of those days.

Each one of us is created uniquely. At the center of our being, a Divine intentional design has been emerging within us since we were conceived.

Our identity is not created by our childhood experiences, how other people perceive us, how we perceive ourselves, successes, failures, money or power. We are who we were created to be. From the deepest part of our being, we long to find our true identity.

Growing up a people pleaser, I have to consistently evaluate my motivation for choices I make. Am I falling back into denying who I am to please others? Am I allowing the best of who I am to enter into relationships, being true to myself? Sometimes it is hard to differentiate.

Before we can fully enjoy our true self, we must understand what makes us come alive. What activities, experiences, types of people and self-care provide the best soil in which to grow into our true self? Understanding what is life-giving to us is essential. Once we discover what energizes us or depletes us, we are capable of finding balance in life necessary for us to thrive. Through maintaining our true self, we bring strength and beauty into every encounter we have. There is no need for insecurity or comparison. There we find love at it’s finest.

So how do we know how to embrace our Divinely inspired design? We are all different. For me, my needs are tended to primarily through trusted friends with whom I can share my deepest fears and highest dreams. Those who will hold my heart when I am hurting, encourage me to move forward if I fail, cheer me on when I get weary and who will allow me to do the same for them. My deepest need is to love and be loved purely.

Relationships are vital, yet other things are life-giving to me as well. Really dark chocolate, my dogs, exploring new places, music, flowers, colors, the beauty of nature, pure fragrances and countless other luxuries available which are too often taken for granted.

Knowing what my soul needs to soar in the marvelous adventure of life is an ongoing process as life changes. For now, I only need to know the Spirit will guide me and provide for me through experiences with people, places, and things.

May you embrace all of life with your true self, designed by the Divine.

Finding joy with the beauty of creation, cherished family, trusted friends, furry canine cuddles, and ever-increasing gratitude for being blessed beyond what anyone deserves.

It’s a great day!


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