The mysterious power of music and memory.

My life has been truly remarkable. When considering the diversity in people I’ve met, beautiful places I’ve been, experiences embraced, gratitude pours out of me.

Through a request he sent on Facebook, I recently reconnected with a friend I met in Paris, France in 1981. He was an american pilot who traveled with his guitar, original songs and a very delightful personality. It was near the end of my second year in Paris at the time and was heading back to the States soon.

We met at the American Legion Post. There were a group of us enjoying his music that evening. Though he and the flight crew left the next day, we stayed in touch. The specific time frame escapes me but relatively soon after that, he sent me recordings of his original songs.

By this time, I was back in Michigan working on my undergraduate degree. Listening to his music, I enjoyed the great memories of Paris and the life unfolding before me.

As with many long distance friendships, we lost touch through the years as our lives were very different. New music caught my attention and I listened to his songs less and less.

Reconnecting with him now has been truly delightful. He went on to write and record more songs as he flew around the world. He sent me his CDs including the original album now on CD. I have been listening to them the last few days.

Music has great power to access our hearts and minds. As I listen to his familiar old songs and enjoy the new ones, simultaneously I am transported back to life as I knew it 35 years ago, while reliving moments of life lived since then, merged with present day experiences and transitioning to thoughts of what rich adventures are still to come.

We carry within us treasures collected along our journeys. Love and kindness we have shown and have been shown continue to live long after the moments took place.

God creatively provides in ways beyond my imagination. He includes people, places and memories to remind us of how lovingly present He is and has been in our lives.

May you embrace life aware of the One who is always with you, comforts you when you grieve, provides for your every need and invites you into new adventures everyday.

Finding joy in life remembering my lifelong Companion holds my heart and mind in ways only Love can.

It’s a great day!








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