There is a commercial airing on TV lately for a medication to help people with memory loss. There is a line in the commercial that says something like “Your memories make you who you are.” I am grateful that is not true. We are significantly more than our memories. We are the product of what we have experienced and been taught whether or not we remember everything.

Typically, when people come for counseling, they realize they are “stuck” someplace. They have tried to change whatever is holding them back. After a period of time, they realize they can’t change it themselves so they seek counsel. Our time in sessions together involve getting to the source of the struggle inside of them. It is often linked to a perception of themselves from an experience long ago. It is often attached to a memory.

Memories are powerful. However, they do not define us. History doesn’t change. Perspective does. We can remember the same moment in time with a different perspective and a whole new awareness begins to surface. Sometimes it even changes how we perceive ourselves and those around us in the present.

May you experience a new perspective of an old memory that will open up a place inside of you leading to healing and joy.

Finding joy in life, remembering, embracing new perspectives and creating new memories through living life to the fullest.

It’s a great day!





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