Once Upon A Time…

Life is a story. Within the story, countless other stories are shaped. No one story is insignificant since every story is part of the master story.

We each have our own story. Some of it we choose, other parts are chosen for us. Our stories are meant to be told together.  So how do we choose what becomes our part of the story?

Right now, your life is an accumulation of what you have seen, experienced and learned wrapped in your perception of those moments. Your perception molds the way you view yourself and others. From there, you determine how to manage the world around you. The way you manage the world inside of you is much more powerful than anything happening around you or to you.

Yes, that’s what I said. Internal management is more profound than any other experience because it shapes our approach to life. Ten people can have the same experience and have 10 different “take aways”. It is about attitude and perception.

Do we look for what is possible or look for obstacles? Is being aware of others’ needs important? What about tending to others needs? What motivates us? Is it about doing the right thing or focused on being the most important person in the world? Do we criticize those different from us to make ourselves seem superior? Is helping others more about validating our worth than affirming the other?

When we remember we are all part of the same story, investing in others is investing in the story. Believing we can write the master story ourselves leads to a frantic, destructive place of pride where wounded souls are left in our wake.

We can each be a source of healing in the story of others as well as our own.

The method is provided through an infinite list of choices such as:

  • The attitude we carry with us and pass along to others.
  • Choosing to see value in others and ourselves.
  • Acknowledging and embracing the profound invitation given to us to live in the awareness of a master story.
  •  Refusing poisonous pride; and displaying the sparkle of humility.

Where will you write sparkle into your story today? Will you be a source for sparkle in some else’s story?


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