How capable are you?

Have you ever considered all the decisions you make in one day? From the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep, you are choosing something.

  • choosing to keep on task
  • determine tone, mood, words to say or not
  • deciding what to eat
  • what route to take to work
  • how to respond to drivers in other cars
  • whether or not to shower
  • what to wear
  • who to call
  • what to avoid
  • thinking positively or negatively

The list is endless really. The common element in all of these is the power of choice. We have limitless power within us to choose. Outward choices may be limited with factors like: age, health, money, relationships and environment. However, true power is in our ability to choose our thoughts.

It is not about what happens to us that makes us who we are. It’s how we choose to respond. We choose what we assimilate and what we reject.

Allow yourself to notice your thoughts. Remember, you decide what happens to them. You are very capable of choosing to nurture life giving thoughts and to refuse to accommodate destructive thoughts. Even if it feels like you can’t, you can! Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, convince you otherwise.


One thought on “How capable are you?

  1. You are right…no matter how rough life may be, we have the choice on how to respond. It’s not easy. Do we choose faith that God has a plan or follow the darkness into that pit. I choose faith and the Light to get me out of that pit.

    Love your blog:)


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